Energy 836kJ Sodium 2mg
Protein 16.6g Iron 3.3mg
Fat 10g Magnesium 100mg
(Saturated Fat 1.46g) Potassium 660mg
Carbohydrate 12.2g Vitamin B2 0.56mg
(Sugars 4.8g) Vitamin B6 0.13mg
Dietary Fiber Vitamin E 1.20mg
Soluble 2.3g Vitamin K2 870µg
Insoluble 4.4g Isoflavone 73.5mg
Calcium 90mg
Zinc 1.9mg Gluten Not detected

(per 100g Natto)
*** Natto has large amount of Vitamin K2. If you are taking medicines for preventing blood clots such as Warfarin, you need to avoid eating natto. Natto may impede warfarin's effectiveness. Hence natto has not been known for any negative side effects.