How to eat Natto
Natto on steamed rice (Traditional method)

Put 40-50g natto into a small bowl and stir well to activate enzymes. Add soy sauce, chopped spring onion and mustard. Put seasoned natto on steamed rice.
Natto toast

Combine the 40-50g natto with 1tbsp soy sause, 1/2tsp mustard, 2tsp mayonnaise and black pepper. Spread margarine on the bread. Put the combined natto ingredients on the bread and top with cheese. Toast it!
Black natto spread

Just put black natto on cream cheese spread bread, toast or cracker. Black natto goes well with salty taste.
Natto salad

Cut your favorite vegetables, ham and cheese into small pieces. Mix 40-50g natto and the all ingredients with your favorite dressing: e.g. sesame dressing, mayonnaise.
Natto omlet