Health benefit

Prevention of heart attacks, strokes and senility

Natto has an Nattokinase in its sticky part. It is very powerful agent that dissolves blood clots. Blood clots obstruct the flow of blood, leading to heart attacks, strokes and senility among other diseases. Natto is very rich in Vitamin K as well as Nattokinase that prevent or dissolve blood clots. Nattokinase enzyme is sensitive to heat and loses its effectiveness above 70ºC, eating raw natto gives the best protection. To get the maximum blood-clot prevention benefits of natto, it should be eaten in the evening, since the blood is more prone to clotting during sleep.

Prevention of osteoporosis

Natto has an unbelievably large amount of Vitamin K2. It acts a mediator in that combination and synergy with VitaminD3. Vitamin K2 increase bone formation enhances osteocalcin accumulation in cells and amplifies bone mineral density.

Antibiotic effect

Natto bacteria has an anti-bacterial effect on pathogens. Long time ago when there were no antibiotics, natto was used as one kind ofmedicine against the infection of dysentery, typhus and other intestinal disease in Japan.

Improvement in digestion and prevention of intestinal disorders

Most of the bacteria beneficial to the intestines are killed in the stomach by the acid before they reach the intestines if taken orally. But natto bacteria are able to survive the journey and reduce in the intestines where they aid digestion. The dietary fibers also help getting rid of waste materials and carcinogens.

Anti-aging effects

Polyamine is an organic compound that synthesizes in cells. Lecithin is found in high quality conscientious natural cosmetic products. It balances fat and water in skin cells and on the skin surface. Natto is also rich in Vitamin E, which is an anti-oxidant and it aids blood circulation in the outside vessels which prevent skin damage, keeping you looking young and health.

Prevention of cancer

According to some studies in the world, some ingredients in soybeans has the anti-carcinogen effects for protest cancer, uterine cancer, kidney and breast cancer. Soybeans contain Selenium that is an anti-cancer mineral. And natto also contains edible fibers that cleanse the intestines and are said to be effective in preventing large intestine cancer.